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Bug Journal Printable

Back in June, when I published Can a Spider Be Fluffy?, I created several activity pages to go with it, including a worksheet that children can use to research a specific type of spider.

Recently, though, someone asked about creating a bug journal to keep track of different insects they find outside.

Obviously, a spider-themed activity page doesn't really work for that, but I thought it would be fun to adapt that worksheet just a little to create a DIY bug journal (or for any type of animal, if you want)!

This version is very simple and would be a good activity for younger children, since it just asks for the insect's name, the sound it makes, how it moves, and what it was doing when they found it.

I am thinking about creating a more advanced version for older children, though. If you have any suggests for what you would like to see in a bug journal, be sure to leave them in the comments so I can include them!

I also left a blank space on the page for a picture of the insect. …

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