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Book Projects #2 - Volcanoes and Island Life

This month has been a long, distracted buzz! But . . . in my last post, I mentioned that we've been working on "book projects" for summer break. Very simply — we're working through some longer books over the course of a week and coming up with hands-on projects related to each day's reading session. For the first week of summer break, we worked on art projects . We've done a few other projects since then, including a couple based on  Life on Surtsey: Iceland's Upstart Island by Loree Griffen Burns, from the Scientists in the Field series.  This chapter book explains how scientists have studied a new(ish) volcanic island off the coast of Iceland. Since the island formed in 1963, new plants and birds have steadily appeared on the island, migrating from other nearby islands or blown in by wind and waves. Scientists use Surtsey as an island laboratory to study how fast it has been colonized by different species and how well those species thrive on the new land

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