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Dinosaurs, Gravity, & the Water Cycle (Art + Books series)

Just over a year ago, I met Carla Jansen via social media and found her Kickstarter for her debut picture book A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze . Now she’s back with the second book in this scientifically hilarious series, A Dinosaur Made Me Spill . The first book in this series explains the rock cycle, while Carla’s newest book focuses on the water cycle! And . . .  A Dinosaur Made Me Spill just became available for preorders on Kickstarter!   This week, I’m excited to join other bloggers celebrating this book and exploring the water cycle through science activities, unit studies, and art projects. You can find a list with all of the activities on the Preschool Powol Packets blog . Today, I want to focus on just one small part of the water cycle—how the water travels back to the ocean.  To do this activity, kids could build piles of dirt outside in the garden and pour water over the dirt to watch how the water travels into valleys and down into streams and on through the water cycle. (Actua

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