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Sun Prints and Solar Energy (Art + Books Series)

This week we did a project loosely tied to one of my own books!

We’ve been reading a lot of picture books about space and rockets, and these books frequently mention solar panels. 
For spacecraft orbiting Earth and for missions to Mars, solar panels are a critical source of energy. In The Rocket that Flew to Mars, I included a bank of solar panels to power the new bio-dome built on Mars. So, given how important solar energy is to space exploration, we created art using energy from the sun! 
I’ve had the materials for this project for over a year, but this week we finally got around to creating sun prints using photo-sensitive paper.

Besides The Rocket that Flew to Mars, Molly Bang's My Light is another great book to read before doing this activity. Both books mention solar panels as a source of energy, and My Light especially focuses on how humans use the sun’s energy in various forms to create electricity.

Art from Sunshine Materials:
Photo-sensitive paper (we used Nature Prin…

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