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Summer Break, Day 1 - Messy Art

Someday, I plan to sign my kids up for some sort of actual summer camp. Someday . . . but not this summer. We do have one summer camp nearby focused on nature exploration that I had hoped to sign up for this summer, but they've raised their age limits this year, and my youngest still isn't older enough. Instead of summer camp this year, I told my kids we could have a morning story time and then spend some time working on a project or activity based on what we're reading. We've done these sorts of activities a couple of times before, using my own highly inventive name for it: "book projects." I don't have any particular theme for the summer. We're going to read whatever needs to go back to the library next (while also trying to make a dent in my stack of books-to-read as well).  My plan is really simple: read one book or a section of a longer book, and then come up with a project to go with it. DK Books' Art And How It Works  needs to go back to the

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