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It's On a Bookshelf!

I wrote that title, and then realized - well, yes, my books are on quite a lot of bookshelves by now. However, this one is a little bit different. I finally got my  Shrimp, Shrimp, Cuttlefish  coloring books from the printer this week, and I spent Monday evening putting together about 40 packages for my Kickstarter backers. Them yesterday morning after I dropped the packages in the mail, I also dropped ten copies of Shrimp, Shrimp, Cuttlefish off at one of my local bookstores - Annie Bloom's Books. Of course, my area is starting a two-week lockdown right now. Annie Bloom's Books is closed to in-store browsing for now and only open for online orders. But, they do have 10 copies of Shrimp, Shrimp, Cuttlefish  available for anyone shopping online ! I'll just have to wait a bit longer for that bookstore shelfie picture. In the meantime, I've also created a read-aloud video with   Can a Tree Be Blue? that Tryon Creek State Park has shared on their site , along with their ot

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