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Squares, Shapes, and Art Projects for Kids (Art + Books series)

Squares are solid, reliable, and steady shapes - but can a square be art? We recently picked up two different children's books about squares and art. We found one at our library, in a batch they had set out for families to browse. One was in a bag we picked up from my oldest kid's school librarian.  Both were fun stories about a pragmatic, sensible square discovering art! Perfect Square , by Michael Hall Square , by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen In Perfect Square , a piece of paper starts at as a specific shape, but when it gets torn or cut into many different shapes, it adapts and creates something new. In Mac Barnett’s book , Square is only interested in moving and stacking blocks until his friend, Circle, asks him to create a new shape. Perfect Square is an amazing book to use if you want to introduce children to collage techniques. Its main idea is simple - start with a piece of paper, tear or cut it up into smaller pieces, and use those pieces to create something

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