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(Book Release) Can a Tree Be Blue?

It's time for an incredibly important question:

Have you ever seen a blue tree?

Can a tree be blue?

Whether or not you've noticed blue trees in the past, I think you'll enjoy discovering all the colors that a tree can be with my newest picture book, Can a Tree Be Blue?

Yes, it's out!

At least, the eBook is. The paperback and hardcover versions have been a bit slower at processing, so they'll be out shortly. Meanwhile--I've scheduled the eBook to be free for two days, November 26th-27th.

This book has been a lot of fun to work on--in part because it's got so many bright colors, and in part because I was able to add a couple of fun bonus activities. One of those was hiding a few bugs through the book. The other is a special scavenger hunt that I hope will encourage children to take what they've learned outside to find even more colors.

I hope you'll go check it out!

If you can, I'd really appreciate it if you can download it and leave me a review. A…

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