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7 Activities to Teach Kids About Bugs

Do you have a child who love creepy-crawlies?

Or maybe a child who is trying to overcome their fear of bugs?

I used to be bug-neutral. My motto was “Live and let live—but not in my house!”

Then I started paying attention. I even ended up creating a coloring book about bugs! In the process, I noticed how many bugs lived in my own yard, how detailed and delicate their wings were, and how important they are, even the unpopular ones.

Yes, we need bees to pollinate plants, but we also need those butterflies and moths that start out as annoying caterpillars in our gardens. Slugs, cockroaches and other “nuisance” creatures are valuable decomposers, breaking down leaf material to make rich soil for new plants. Ticks and mosquitoes are an important food source for birds and other insectivores.

Of course, as fascinating as bugs are, I do NOT recommend picking them up. 
Most insects are not dangerous to humans, but even non-venomous insects can have a painful pinch or bite. Plus, for bugs, it …

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