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Favorite Picture Books for Fall

What better way to celebrate fall than with picture books?!  After a hot, dry summer, we've had a deluge of rain recently. One day, we had 0.8" of rain in 24-hours! My kids have been out playing in the rain a fair bit, but we've also been spending more time inside reading books. So, here are my autumn-themed picture book recommendations. I've split them out into two sections. The first section has books focused on trees, changing colors and general seasonal changes. The second one lists books about pumpkins and fall celebrations, both fiction and nonfiction. One of my own books has a fall/seasons theme as well.  Can a Tree Be Blue?  explores all the colors that a tree can be, while also showing how trees change throughout the year. I've included a link at the end of the post with some extra resources you can use either alongside the book or on their own.  Read on--and feel free to leave your own favorites in the comments! ( This list includes affiliate links.  As a

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