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Book Launch and Giveaway!

And it's out!

For the next couple of days, you can get the ebook for free on Amazon. I'd love for you to check it out and leave a review telling me what you think (both of which get you an extra entry in the giveaway below).
Who Laid the Egg?
¿QuiĆ©n Puso el Huevo?

As far as I know, Amazon is the only store carrying the books currently, but I'm hoping the hardcover will get listed with a few of the larger booksellers soon. You can also contact me directly about ordering either of the print versions.

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About "Who"

Somewhere back in November, I decided to write a children's picture book...because a picture book would be easy, right?

This book happened from an idea I had while making breakfast one morning. My toddler has been very fascinated by all things kitchen, so that morning he was sitting on the counter, 'counting' the eggs in the carton as he handed them to me.

Toddlers--if you don't already know it--generally like to talk, to talk a lot, and to talk repetitively.

That morning, we started talking about who had laid the eggs in the carton. That led to talking about other animals who laid eggs, and that led in turn to my book idea.

After years of procrastinating on half-a-dozen stories, I didn't need one more idea to stall midway through from yet another case of writer's block. I needed a project that was relatively short, easy, and doable.

This one worked.

For "Who," the final word count runs just under two hundred. The pictures took me about a month to cr…


I'm glad you found me!

Once upon a time, I was a writer who aspired to create novels. Then, after reading one too many children's books to my kids, I started creating my own picture books.

You can always check back here for new updates. I will be posting art projects and coloring pictures for kids, as well as information for where to find my books as they are available.

If you want more info me, check the 'About' page, or sending me a note, if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!