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Summertime Updates

I've had a lot of things going on recently.

Blogging hasn't been one of them.


So far in the last couple of months, we've flown once. We've seen lots of people, and we've made a few dozen library trips. I've also started working on a new book project.

Background: we tend to talk about rockets a lot in my family.

Translation: we aren't rabid aeronautics enthusiasts, but we do watch every SpaceX launch, most of them live. We've also watched that Top Gear episode where some guys try to turn a car into a rocket...and it crashes. We talk about that particular rocket almost every bedtime. The toddler's script goes approximately thus: "Today was a good day. :deep sigh: Sometimes rockets crash."

As a result, I'm now working on a book about a rocket that goes to Mars (with a space-age twist on the nursery rhyme 'The House that Jack Built'). If all goes well, I'll have all of the artwork done in another month and be able t…

Book Announcement: The Rocket that Flew to Mars