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The animals in our back yard

Animals in the back yard?
Make that the front yard too.
A long time ago, I grew up in a small town. We told people, though, that we pretended to live in the country. We had an acre on the edge of town; we had a large garden; we had fruit trees, blackberries, and a lot that was mostly big, open grass field. No animals, though, beyond a couple of rabbits and a dog.
Except for the wild animals, of course. We occasionally had trouble with the raccoons showing up in the middle of the night to steal dog food. We had deer trek through our garden a couple times each summer. We had the occasional mouse in the pantry.  We even had the rare (and rather implausible) cougar scare. It felt like the country, at least to us city slickers.
I now live in a fairly large city. Our neighborhood definitely isn’t high rises, but it’s a fairly busy urban/metro area. I really didn’t expect to see a lot of wildlife here when we moved in.
Two weeks after settling in, though, I spotted a rabbit in the front y…