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Paint Printing: Finger Painting Part 4

Most preschool art books mention some form of paint stamping: paint a leaf or an apple half, and press it down on paper to create a shape.

Then there are stamp and ink pad sets, and thumbprint bunny rabbits.

But what if you don't feel like cutting up apples and ruining them with purple paint?

What if you wanted to create a design with paint and copy it instantly?

I tried that idea out recently, and as a result, here is my version of a preschool-and-toddler-friendly printing press.

You will need:
Finger paintsA sheet of glossy paper or cardboardWhite paper

First help your child create a picture on the glossy paper. Keep is simply and chunky. The printing-process will smudge the paint a bit, so small details won't transfer well. (I chose to paint a speckled monster that looks oddly like an upright crocodile. The main 'small' detail in my design was a white daub of paint for its eye.)

Once your picture is ready, spread a sheet of white paper over the design, pressing down …

The crows are coming!

Last week, we were trapped in our house by a crow.

Well, sort of.
There were actually two crows, and we weren’t in any serious danger.
I went outside earlier than usual that morning—my kids were riding on their trikes in the driveway, and I decided to sit outside with them while I sorted through some papers. After a while, though, I noticed that two crows kept flying back and forth in the trees behind me and screeching.
One would land on a branch just above my head, scream at me for a moment, snap off a twig and drop it, then fly across to the other tree. And repeat.
And repeat…
…and repeat.
It felt odd, but hey—I don’t look that much like a scary predator, right? So, why were they picking on me?
Then a neighbor kid came over and told me that he had seen a baby crow on the ground—about five feet from where I was currently sitting.
Well, whoops.
I guess the crows did have some reason to be concerned, after all?
When I started looking around, there was the baby crow—huddled back in th…