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Time, space, and rockets (coloring page)

It takes eight minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun. It takes two years for a rocket to reach an asteroid.

Given how long things can take, you'd think that major events would tend out a little.

This week, however, we had an incredibly difficult decision: should we watch the NASA live-stream of the new crew members boarding International Space Station? Or, should we watch the latest record-setting SpaceX launch?
It just so happened that the SpaceX launch was scheduled for 1:31 pm (EST), December 3rd. The NASA broadcast for the ISS crew was scheduled to start at for 1:30 pm (EST), on the same day.
How is that for timing?
As it turned out, the crew on the ISS didn’t open the hatch to the Soyuz model until about an hour into the broadcast, so we could have watched both events live, if we’d tracked things better!
Next time, I guess.
At least we were also able to watch probe OSIRIS-REx arriving at the asteroid Bennu. That happened just a couple hour…