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Out to Lunch (coloring page)

I finished up my book project last month and had a bit of a break last week, so it’s time to get back to my (unofficial) coloring page series!
This month, since I’m still taking a break from insects, I decided to go back to an inspiration from a couple months ago. Back then, I posted this photo on my Facebook page, giving people a real-life “What’s Wrong with This Picture” challenge.

Can you figure out what's wrong?
That squirrel looks like he should be chilling on a beach, and it inspired this month's coloring page. Here's how that picture turned out:

You know that stereotype about squirrels eating nuts? Well, I started reading up on squirrels last year and learned that they eat much more than just nuts. I won’t go into details about what they do eat, but they’re not vegetarians. The only things they don't really eat are cellulose materials such as leaves, grass, and woody stems.
Here’s the link to download the free coloring page I created.

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