STEAM Reading Printables

What is your library planning for this summer's reading program? Or have you even remembered to check recently?

I finally remembered to check our library's info last week. Between my oldest being home from school and getting a new book out last month, things have been a little chaotic. The fog seems to be clearing a little, though, and with that, I started wondering if our library would even have a summer reading program this year.

And yes, they are! 

It is different, of course. This year's form is a postcard asking kids to share their favorite book from this summer. There's no form for tracking how much time we've spent reading, and we're not going to be able to browse the library shelves this year.

So I decided to create a summer reading challenge of my own with a bingo card covering a variety of STEAM topics! We may not be able to browse library shelves the way we might at other times, but this bingo card is a fun way to find different books under different topics and place holds.

Then, after kids read a book on a specific topic, they can check it off on the card!
STEAM reading challenge bingo card
Feel free to save, download, or print this image for your own use!

This bingo card covers a variety of general STEAM topics.

I've also created a time card to help you track how much time your children have spent reading.

If you like this bingo card, I've add a PDF version to Teachers Pay Teachers that includes several other cards on more specific topics, along with the time card and a coloring page/certificate for when they finish the challenge! In the PDF, I've included seven other reading challenges on specific STEM/STEAM topics, including: biology, geology, astronomy, zoology, technology, math and engineering, and the arts.

By the way--I created these as a reading challenge for this summer, but you can adapt them to use year-round if you prefer.

What are you planning to read this summer?!