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A brand new book for kids who love exploring nature!

What shape is a rock?

And how does it get that shape?

Learn about all about rocks in the third 'Early Science Series' book:

Can a Rock Grow?

In this Early Science Series, Can a Tree Be Blue? explored all the colors that trees can be, while Can a Spider Be Fluffy? introduced children to all kinds of spiders. 

This new picture book explores different shapes that rocks can be—flat rocks, round rocks, sharp rocks, and even hexagon-shaped rocks—while explaining how rocks change over time. 

It's a fun, engaging, and scientifically entertaining book, sure to delight rockhounds, young and old.

Interested in getting a free copy of the eBook? Sign up below, and I'll let you know once it is ready! You will also get a sneak-peak, printable version of the book's scavenger hunt and other exclusive activity pages.


Prefer a print copy? You can pre-order your hardcover copy now! There will be a paperback version available soon from most major bookstores, but I'm offering a limited number of hardcovers through my own website. Order your copy by the end of April and get free shipping using the code PREORDER.

Each order includes:
  • A signed, personalized copy of Can a Rock Grow?
  • An exclusive set of activity page and access to other learning materials
  • A 3" square Rockhound sticker (while supplies last).


  1. This is exciting, Audrey! I can't wait to see the completed project. (I'm also curious to know what the 2.5 option was. :)


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