How do rocks change over time?

Find out with this engaging, informative, and easy-to-read introduction to the rock cycle!

Can a Rock Grow? is perfect for kids who love exploring nature and have big questions about how the world works, like . . .  

What shape is a rock?

How does it get that shape?

And does a rock ever look like a rose?

This new picture book explores different shapes that rocks can be—flat rocks, round rocks, sharp rocks, and even hexagon-shaped rocks—while explaining how rocks change over time. It's a fun, inviting, and scientifically entertaining book, sure to delight rockhounds, young and old.

Can a Rock Grow? is now available as an eBook on Amazon, as well as in a paperback format through Barnes & Noble and other major booksellers. The hardcover is now available through my own online store, as well as a local bookstore, Annie Bloom's Books.

Plus, I've created a coloring book for this book with 30+ pages of coloring pages and activities! 

Need a hands-on activity for your young rockhound this weekend? 

Can a Rock Grow? includes this scavenger hunt to encourage kids to get outside and explore: 

I've also created a second scavenger hunt that you can take along next time you visit a rock show or a natural history museum:

You can get printable versions for both of these scavenger hunts, along with other activity pages below: