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a children's picture book about trees(Check the end of this post to find how you can get activity pages for this book.)

It's time for an incredibly important question!

Have you ever seen a blue tree?

Well, is an oak tree blue? What about a willow? Or a maple?

It's time to discover all the colors that a tree can be with a picture book, Can a Tree Be Blue?

Can a Tree Be Blue? is an easy-to-read nonfiction picture book about trees. It's built around a series of questions, asking children to engage with the story as it is read, while giving them clues to the answers in the illustrations.

My main goal as a writer to get children to stop and notice details about the world around us. Can a Tree Be Blue focuses specifically on different colors of trees, but it also introduces children to the way that trees change through the year, shows the the different shapes that leaves can be, and encourages children to take a closer look with a fun search-and-find challenge found at the end of the book.

Plus, I've included a special scavenger hunt for children and parents to take outside and use to explore their own neighborhood.

pages from a children's picture book

If you are a teacher (or a parent who enjoys hands-on activities), you can download a free lesson plan for Can a Tree Be Blue? from Teachers Pay Teachers.

This book is available online from most major booksellers, and the eBook is available on Amazon both to purchase and to read through Kindle Unlimited. You can find it here on Amazon (affiliate link).

If you are in the US, you can order a signed copy from my webstore

activities to pair with this picture book

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